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If buying or selling a property in Greece is in your plans, you should depend on us.

Our Law Team has the experience and knowledge of Greek Real Estate Property Law for more than Forty Years.

We are one stop shop for property service, as our Law Team as well consist of the Public Notaries Offices of Zoi and Elisabeth Papakostopoulou

That allow us, to provide our Clients a beginning-to-the-end service of real estate conveyancing procedure.

Purchasing Greek Property

  • Legal check of the Deeds.
  • Apply for permits, if the property is a Greek Border Area.
  • Draft a POA (Power of Attorney) and arrange for signing before a public Notary or a Greek Consulate.
  • Undertake all relevant procedures in the Tax Office.
  • Negotiate price, terms and conditions of purchase/sale.
  • Draft and sign a pre-contractual agreement.
  • Draft, sign and execute the Deed.
  • Transfer the purchase amount to the seller’s bank account through our trustee account.
  • Arrange for its registration at the competent Land Registry.


Selling Greek Property

  • Market the property through our partners (land brokers, agents, realtors etc).
  • Arrange meetings with must view significant individuals and key agents on off market properties.
  • Prepare and execute the Deed with the agreed price, terms and conditions.
  • Undertake all relevant procedures in the Tax Office.
  • Transfer the sale amount to the seller’s bank account through our secure account.

The purchase contract (deed) is signed by the Purchaser and the Seller before a Public Notary with the presence of a lawyer. For the completion of the buying/selling of the Greek property, the title deed needs to be registered at the competent Greek Land Registry (Ypothikofilakeion) and/or the Land Registry Cadastral (Greek Ktimatologio) of the property's location.

Prior to the signing of the contract, the first legal step is to legally check the title deed(s) in the archives of the competent Land Registry and/or the Land Registry Cadastral.

If title deeds are legally correct, then the conveyancing parties sign a pre-contractual agreement, in which they determine the price, terms and conditions of the sale and the completion date. Purchasers usually proceed to that step, by giving the seller a deposit for locking the selling price and for preventing seller to negotiate the selling of the property with other potential purchasers. The deposit is staying in a lawyer’s escrow account, till the drafting and signing of the contract.

This step is been taken as before the execution of the deed, some documents and actions are required and must be filled such as:

The Purchaser needs to:

  • Obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN), from the tax office, which is obliged for the signing of the contract.
  • Sign the conveyance tax statement, and submit it to the tax authority.
  • Pay the purchase tax before the signing of the contract.
  • Provide to the   Public Notary a copy of the submitted conveyance tax statement, and the receipt of payment of the conveyance tax from the tax office.


Seller needs to provide:

  • Certificate of tax clearance,
  • Certificate of Inheritance or Gift tax, (if this is the case)
  • Certificate of payment tax of adverse possession rights (if this is the case).
  • Copy of the building license, in case of buying building or an apartment
  • A topographic plan of the plot and/or floor plans accompanying the building license.
  • Certificate from a civil engineer that the property is in accordance with the Urban and Construction Law.

If all the above is fulfilled then the conveyancing parties proceed to the signing of the final contract before the Public Notary.

For all the above mentioned actions/procedures, if you do not want to deal in person they may be accomplished by our Law Team.

We prepare for our Clients a Power Of Attorney (POA) which needs to be signed either in Greece or in a competent Greek Consulate, and we arrange the signing of it. 

The Power Of Attorney will be in Greek language, (Usually we translate it and also sent it in English language to our Clients) so that we can represent our Clients before the seller and every competent authority, Greek Banks, Tax offices, Public Notary, etc. If the POA signed in Greece we translate it for our Clients in English Language; if signed in the competent Greek Consulate there will be a translator to translate it for you.

For preparing the POA we need a photocopy of Client’s Passport, and documents verifying your resident address and your occupation/job.

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