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Assets Portfolio Management

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Assets management is an essential technique that can accumulate any company’s funds and ensure the maximization of return on investment (ROI) to the shareholders and stakeholders.

Even thought asset management is such an important task, numerous companies and entrepreneurs, on occasions, neglect such a necessity and do not provide the analogous attention needed in regards to the procedures required for an efficient assets management strategy. This can lead in underperformance of their investments and may find themselves exposed and vulnerable to significant risks due to economical fluctuations and market environment constant changes.    

There have been numerous examples of promising assets which did not reach their ultimate maximum return value due to the enforcement of mistaken strategies. In addition there have been examples where entrepreneurs and individuals did not obtain correct, accurate and professional cooperation with investment and related experts, which resulted to catastrophic devaluation of their assets that even lead to bankruptcies or liquidations. Such risks can be reduced by receiving proper consultation and services in connection to the investment exploitation of the assets by professionals.

The asset management practice consist of a range of investments, which are allocated in various financial types and categories in order to spread, control and mitigate the risk versus potential losses.  Therefore, the aim is to diversify the assets investments through the allocation of capital, so as to minimize the exposure of assets to an actual risk, as well as, protect the volatility of the assets portfolio.

Diversification is a risk management technique that focuses on the allocation of the assets investments among various financial means (i.e. immovable property, government bonds, shares, and trust funds), which aims to maximize the return on ROI by implementing mitigation parameters of risk and differentiation of assets performance, in order to protect them from an undesirable reaction to a specific event of action.  Diversification is very important because it can actually protect and enhance assets portfolio performance by weighting the risk.  It is important to note that each investment type reacts differently towards economical fluctuations and specific market events.

As an International firm, with a physical presence in more than 8 countries, which provides legal, corporate, fiduciary and investment consultancy services in more than 21 jurisdictions (i.e Dubai, RAK, London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, BVI, Cayman, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, St Vincent & Grenadines and other important business hubs) our suggestion is that entrepreneurs and individuals should formulate a wider approach for their portfolio assets management, in order to secure applicability at a global level.  Multi jurisdictional corporate transactions, wealth management, portfolio management, trusts, private equity funds, acquisitions, restructuring, real estate investments and citizenship investments are some investment related services that we see their demand increasing in the last few years.

We suggest that in order to materialize efficiently the extensive opportunities of the global market, it is of essential importance to appoint an International Law and Corporate provider firm as a partner, since via the appointment of expert legal and investment firm the correct due diligence and risk analysis will take place.  In addition, such international firm will employ, from a legal and business perspective, risk management analysis and identify the systematic risks, so as to safeguard the investor’s position. It is crucial that the investors and their legal and investment providers follow constantly and closing the international politics and relationships between nations, in order to safeguard and avoid possible domino effects that may be caused from various jurisdictional issues and events.

Our expertise in the international financial investment arena has showed to us that our era is characterized by a great tendency of traditional investment via the acquisition of immovable property which is renowned as the most trusted, stable and profitable avenue. 

However, investments in physical commodities (i.e. gold), private equity funds, trust, joint ventures are also considered to be very attractive, nowadays, since they provide the opportunity to  investors to invest with common joint pool funds in very high value projects that promise high return on investment.  This “pool of funds” mechanism assures indirectly that the performance of the project will have a lesser risk, since many powerful and reputable partners can be involved.

Moreover, we recommend to investors, various economic citizenship plans, as an additional and very valuable intangible asset in their portfolio.  The acquisition of an additional citizenship will offer them with an immediate return in respect to investment opportunities, instant mobility for them and their family, travel visa free regime in many countries (depends on the second selected jurisdiction), financial freedom, security and stability.  Such economic citizenship can be considered a long term and never ending investment since it can be transferred to the next generation of the investor.

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