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Good news about EU Passport programme through Cyprus

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The Cyprus property market shows signs of recovery after a five-year recession, with a significant number of problem assets in its portfolio, and a large number of investors interested in new opportunities. The general economic conditions and dynamics in the real estate market of Cyprus cause a favorable environment for the placement of capital.  Back to the 2013 the Cypriot economy suffered through a collapse  of its banking system. Today the nation is recovering with property prices and economic growth increasing, and overseas   investors seeking property on the island.


The Cypriot government has re-worked its money-for-passports programme which enables people from China and Russia as well as from other countries to become a Cypriot citizen in less than 6 months. Each applicant needs to invest a minimum of 2 mln Euro in Cypriot property or 2,5 Million in companies or government bonds. Their citizenship could also allow them to transfer funds overseas more easily.


Today I was even more convinced that there are a lot of people who want to invest in the Passport Program of CYPRUS. Of course, basically, these are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, China, South Africa. Passport offers a variety of opportunities BUT how to choose the best company among a great amount of companies in Cyprus is a big question. Do not think that if you have the Internet you can easily solve this problem yourself. No, it's not as simple as it seems! The main thing is not to make a mistake and not to spend your money for nothing and then think about how to sell what you bought .... What I want to say and what to draw your attention to is that, firstly, you have to decide for yourself IF you need an EU Passport (a real one that does not require any additional investment in the government, such as in Malta, etc.). A passport that will allow you, your family, children under 28, your parents and your wife's parents on full grounds to enjoy all the benefits of European citizens. Secondly, you need to understand what you want to buy, where, and for how much. Thirdly, you need to contact me, Elena Mikhaylova (Nazarov & Partners Consulting company, because I have signed contracts with all the developers and I know all the conditions, subtleties and nuances of the passport program. On the basis of all this we will go together and your success will depend on this. There are developers who own land and therefore are very flexible in their work with you, there are developers who will advise you to save money and help you to get out of investments easier, there are those who offer good conditions to you…. BUT the main thing is to remember that when choosing a property it is necessary to pay attention to the LOCATION. I suggest you PAPHOS in walking distance from the sea and in the mountains, where ever you want! 

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