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Welcome to my Blog posts. I am a Lawyer & Immigration Adviser specializing in Immigration to UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East etc. With over 2 years of Immigration experience I can address your queries with an optimal solution for your global immigration needs. Please get in touch with me for any global opportunities or relocation services.

One of the simplest routes for immigration to the UK is the Tier 5 GAE method of immigration devised for graduates and professional looking at working in the UK. Since the Tier 2 system requires several tests (RLMT) and scrutiny to hire overseas candidates Tier 5 seems like a feasible option. For more information refer to

Please note that this scheme differs from the Tier 5 Youth Mobility scheme which is designed for nationals of only certain Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Monaco, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

The following list enlists schemes for individuals in all fields. Specific schemes related to certain professions and organizations are also available for example: Bar Council and the Law Society for Lawyers etc. You can see the comprehensive list at:

Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange (GAE) Approved Schemes for all nationals outside the EU:

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AIESEC Internships

Recent graduates from overseas, with typically at least a years' experience in Management (marketing, finance, sales), Technical (IT, engineering) and Development (charity) can apply to work with UK companies and organisations.

BUNAC Blue Card Internships –‘Intern in Britain’

BUNAC is the pioneer of international work programmes and the Blue Card Internships scheme allows eligible students and recent graduates applicants desiring to work in the UK to apply for sponsorship and in order to work with organizations in the UK.

International Internship Scheme -  Fragomen LLP

This scheme is for aspiring businessmen and graduates to experience working for a UK company. As they progress in their careers, they may alsoencourage investment into the UK and the forging of international partnerships with multinational companies in the UK and abroad.

Tier 5 Interns scheme - GTI Recruiting Solutions

The Tier 5 intern programme is a government approved scheme which allows graduates and undergraduates from outside the EEA to gain intern experience working with companies in the UK and also enables organisations with the scope to employ  the best talents from worldwide.

Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange (GAE) Approved Schemes for Chinese nationals:

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Hanban: Mandarin Teachers Scheme

Hanban's global exchange programme sponsors volunteerS and professional Mandarin teachers to undertake placements at Confucius institutes and classrooms in the UK, and at institutions in the UK which are covered by Hanban’s teaching exchange programme. Co-directors are also sponsored to manage the programme in the UK and undertake some language teaching if needed. The sole purpose of this programme is to enhance foreign language skills and foster good cultural relations in between the UK and China.

Jiangsu Centre for Chinese Studies in Essex - Essex County Council

In the light of promoting the teaching and learning of Mandarin and an appreciation of Chinese culture, Essex schools have incorporated this programme  to ensure that local community, including businesses underpin the links of friendship, education, culture and business between the County of Essex and the Province of Jiangsu.

Lord Chancellor’s Training Scheme for Young Chinese Lawyers - British Council

The programme is devised to enable Young Chinese lawyers obtain practical experience in commercial law, litigation and court procedure as well as the management of a legal practice.

Mathematics Teacher Exchange Programme (England - China)

This category allows Mathematics teachers from China support the teaching and learning of mathematics and promote their approaches to the teaching of mathematics in a network of Maths Hubs across England which are funded by the Department for Education (DfE).

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