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Canada Express Entry & Permanent Residence

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A masterstroke in the Canadian Immigration has been implementing the Express Entry system to facilitate the entry of skilled worker into the Canadian economy. The Express Entry system paves the path for Permanent Residence in Canada. Thousands of foreigners travel to Canada each year in the pursuit of their goals and ambitions and to settle in Canada.


Canada has always been one of the popular destinations in the world to migrate to. It has the most liberalised regime for welcoming individuals from all over the globe. While other countries, constrict their immigration rules and laws Canada has alternatively relaxed its Immigration policies to welcome foreign nationals. Individuals have migrated to Canada for work study and even business purposes and have led a successful life.


Canada offers good economic growth, career enhancement etc. It has nice hot summers, and cold winters. Spring and Fall are beautiful seasons with great weather. Canada also has a mixture of different cultures, a favourable Government and an ideal environment to settle. Most Immigration programmes offer permanent residence on the day of landing itself.


Express Entry is structured in a manner to accommodate skilled workers   from all over the world into Canada. It has helped the labour market to be able to respond to the needs of the aspiring applicants as well as the Employers looking for qualified candidates. It is a medium by which Foreign Nationals to Immigrate to Canada under the following programs:


Process flow for Express Entry :-

must also write an approved language test to evidence their linguistic skills in either English or French;


I.         Education Credential Assessment:  At this preliminary stage of the process, candidates with a foreign education credential must submit all documents pertaining to his educational qualification for an Assessment. The designated organisations will then approve if the qualification is accepted in the Canadian Labour Market.

II.      Comprehensive Ranking System: Candidates are then ranked on the CRS to determine their eligibility. They are assessed on factors like age, linguistic skills, education, work experience, spouse’s credibility etc. Sponsorships and Nominations from a state and a job offer from a Canadian Employer are other methods to boost their score on the CRS. CIC conducts draws at regular intervals to choose applicants with the highest scores.


III.   Expression of Interest: After a report of ECA arrives, the candidate must    submit an Expression of Interest where in a candidate creates a CIC online profile with the help of the NOC Code (nominated as per your occupation). We then register the prospective candidate with the Job bank in Canada to search for suitable work opportunities. The Candidate then enters the Express Entry pool where Canadian Employers choose their potential employees and give them an offer which will boost their score on the Comprehensive Ranking System.


IV.   Invitation to Apply: The candidates with the maximum potential and points are then invited to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. An Application for Permanent Residence must be submitted within 90 of receiving the ITA. IRCC intends to process the visa application within six months of submitting this application. Candidates who did not receive an Invitation to Apply can re-enter the Express Entry Pool after 12 months.


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