The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program: Now even better alternative for EU citizenship-The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program: Now even better alternative for EU citizenship-【移投策】

The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program: Now even better alternative for EU citizenship

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The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program:  Now even better alternative for EU citizenship

Let’s face it. The challenges of life compel us to optimize resources and to search for the best life style. In time of global trade, unlimited access to information, technology innovation, a second passport is an easy tool for better living for people who can afford to invest in it. National governments worldwide compete to attract HNWI’s financial assets into local economies, offering beneficiary access to their own nationality.

Europe remains the world most wanted destination on the Second Passports’ market. National governments challenge each other with easier and shorter application procedures, lower investment requirements and greater benefits along with the acquisition of a national statute. Although, the alternatives are numerous, not all of them are able to respond to the high requirements of the investors.

Тhe Bulgarian government has been exploring this financial stream into local economy for already 7 years, but just since 2013 the Program has been fully functional, offering competitive opportunity, organized under the strict European regulations.

Yes, the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program is not as famous as other similar programs, but definitely is more attractive.

The design of the BIIP responds to the highest investor’s requirements, implying the strict European legislation. Foreign investors are welcomed to purchase a Government Bonds portfolio, or to acquire non-financial assets for term not less than 5 years. The GBs are purchased directly from the primary financial dealers at the financial market & the full portfolio is guaranteed by the Bulgarian Government and the annual coupon payment goes directly to the investor. The second option, assets acquisition, is regulated by the law. The investor remains owner of the purchased assets from the moment of investment till the exit of it. The type of the assets depends on the preferences of the investor. In comparison to Cyprus, Portugal or Spanish Residency opportunities, the BIIP offers wide freedom of choice of investment. Although possible, the investment is not limited to real estate property only. No other similar initiatives provide such freedom of choice and transparency of the procedures.

Yes, the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program does not issue a residency permit in 1 month, but its procedures are fully transparent and clear and fully correspond to the European legislation.

Some of the IIP in Europe compete to limit the process of residency issue, so their actions stand on the edge of the European legislation. The BIIP is a two stage Program. The first stage allow the investor to obtain Permanent Residency in the country. The process takes 4 to 6 months. In comparison to 1-month option it seems to be long, but, this term responds to all European requirements for security checks. The second stage is optional Fast Track Bulgarian Citizenship, which requires 1 year of PRC holding and 6 months to proceed the application before the Bulgarian authorities. In fact, this is one of the fastest and most precise citizenship procedures in Europe. It provides European residency to the investor and all members of the family.

Yes, the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program is not the cheapest at first glance, but overall it is the most reasonable investment immigration opportunity in Europe.

Most of the IIP sell national statute. It seems to ease the procedures, because it turns the investment immigration on a sale deal, but in fact it is neither that easy, nor simple. According to the European legislation the sale of national statute is illegal. To prevent any prosecutions, some of the EU member states call the purchase “an investment” - usually nonprofit investment. Some programs require define as “an investment” huge donations to Governmental Funds or purchase of properties in a non-active property market.

The BIIP offers real investment. The total invested amount is under the investor’s control during the whole compulsory term of investment. Investment is totally liquid.

At the end of the day investors who seek a second passport, are interested in a long-term, stable and predictive deal.  The

Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program offers:

  • Fast and clear procedure
  • Competitive investment
  • Control over assets through the whole period of the investment
  • Up to only five- year compulsory term of investment
  • Investment profits
  • Fast track citizenship option

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