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Investor and Entrepreneur (business) opportunities in the UK

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Calling all investors looking for a better life in the United Kingdom.

With BREXIT just around the corner and a tightening of immigration to the UK, the Government has continued to open its arms to investors who have £2million to invest into the UK, as well as welcoming business men and women who have business skills to open, or invest into existing businesses in the UK under the Entrepreneur scheme, with a minimum investment of only £200,000.

Brexit negotiations have made it clear so far that the UK will retain preferential trading rights / movement rights within the EC, while also benefiting with direct trade deals around the world.

The Entrepreneur scheme (Tier 1 entrepreneur) is a points based scheme, where you require a viable business plan, prove availability of investment, and a track record in business is helpful.

What many people do NOT realise however, is that the entrepreneur investment of £200,000 can be SPLIT into two, between two partners, and we have seen a number of partnership entrepreneurs doing very well on arrival in the Uk (As it is often easier to start a business with two brains rather than one)  (In other words if you do not have £200,000 investment, two friends seeking to open a business together each need to contribute £100.000 each.  (AND the money can be loaned from family/investors)

Here at Visa Inn, the managing Director (Allan Van As) has started companies successfully for the past 30 years, in South Africa, USA, and the UK.  ANd with 23 years in immigration law is perfectly placed to assist you in making a move for a new start in these exciting pre brexit times.

The key differences between the INVESTOR and ENTREPRENEUR visas are:

a) Money  (£2, million investor / £200,000 entrepreneur)

b) Investor does not need English / Entrepreneur needs English

c)  BOTH can bring family and friends

d) Investor does not have to work in the UK / Entrepreneur has to work in his business

e) Investor does not have to employ anyone / entrepreneur has to create two jobs by the end of the second year in business.

Whatever your position - we would love to hear from you.

As we represent clients from all over the worlds, we do not speak every language - But we know the law - and request enquiries in English please.

Email your enquiries to

We look forward to welcoming you to the UK

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