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Work permits to the United Kingdom

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Work permits (if you are not European or British) are controlled by the Tier 2 (Work permit) scheme.

Under the scheme, a BRITISH company can issue a work permit (Certificate of sponsorship) to a person outside of the UK (CHINA e.g.) to come to the UK an work.

The scheme is a point based scheme - and as such the key requirements are:  (link)

a)  The British Company has to advertise first in the Uk to find a suitable candidate (Checking the availability of people in the UK to file the position - know as the 'residence labour market test'.)

b) The British company has to itself apply to be a sponsor (Apply for a Tier 2 licence - currently there are approximately 40,000 British companies with a licence to sponsor people from overseas)

c) The position has to be at a certain level - NVQ level 6 (Degree level) and the British Company has to choose a job title that appears on the SOC Code list (At level 6)  (link)

It all sounds terribly confusing - but its not.

Basically - if you have a degree, or Masters degree and you have experience in a profession - and you can find a company in the UK who needs you - we can then be instructed to represent you and the company in preparing an application for you to come to the UK as a Tier 2 worker.

You will normally be granted either 3 years or 5 year visa - and as long as you are still working in the UK for that company after 5 years - you can settle in the UK permanently, and get a British Passport a year later.

There are certain occupations that are recognised by the UK Government as being a shortage (Shortage occupation skills), and if you are on THAT list there is no requirement (above) to advertise first in the UK.  (link)

If you would like to register your interest in moving to the UK, send your enquiry to with your CV.

Allan Van As  (LLB.Hons)

Managing Director


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