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Student Visa: Knowing the difference

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If it's your dream to study in the UK then getting a visa should be one of your first priorities. You don't want to apply and get accepted only to find out you can't enter the country! For those over the age of 16, there are two distinct student visas to be aware of for your trip to the UK 

Tier-4 General Visa: This visa is for those coming to the UK for long term study and to apply for this visa you'll need to already be accepted into a course of study and need to show evidence that you can support yourself through the course of study inc. rent and daily expenses 

Student Visitor Visa: For this visa, you have to be at least 18 years old and are planning on taking a short course of 6 months. However, if you're coming to the UK to study the English Language then you are able to stay for 11 months and you must demonstrate you have enough funds to support yourself and your journey home (or onwards.)

Traveling to the UK to study is a truly magical time as you'll be able to experience a wonderful and diverse culture and an education like no other.  

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