The Luxury Floating Sea Horse with a private Butler in Dubai.-The Luxury Floating Sea Horse with a private Butler in Dubai.-【移投策】

The Luxury Floating Sea Horse with a private Butler in Dubai.

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Introducing… The Floating Seahorse!



The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition is creating waves all over the world. Its inspirational design has captured the imagination of the media, celebrities, style gurus, design connoisseurs, artists, architects, engineers and people from all over the world.


This is The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition, a feat of innovation achieved by a marriage of engineering and imagination.   An epitome of timeless design and craftsmanship spread across three levels, one of which is underwater.

The Floating Seahorse is truly unique and offers a world of new experiences. From the ocean that spreads out before you on the upper levels, to the underwater level that presents the coral reef brimming with beauty and life.

Inspired by the very best of Emirati culture and lifestyle and leading European designs, The Signature Edition of The Floating Seahorse has been developed especially for families with guests, groups and children of all ages.  

A magnificent and enduring icon, The Floating Seahorse has set a new precedence in luxury living.


Imagine waking up to this beautiful view…



This is where dreams turn into reality.


Dubai will soon become a new honeymoon hotspot for people all over the world.

St Petersburg Island at The Heart of Europe is set to become The Middle East’s most iconic and talked about destination for newlyweds and lovebirds.

Shaped like a heart and taking inspiration from The Maldives and some of the world’s most sought-after resorts, St Petersburg will offer first class hospitality and be surrounded by Floating Seahorses with their own butler service.

The island will feature swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, private beaches and a variety of first class facilities.


Be inspired and truly express yourself, from subtle touches to bold statements. With The Signature Edition, the possibilities to create your perfect Floating Seahorse are endless. From the flooring to the Jacuzzi, our bespoke team is dedicated to bringing your desired Floating Seahorse to life.

With four flexi living / sleeping areas and intelligent furniture, The Floating Seahorse transforms to a space that sleeps four to one that sleeps eight. The eight main rooms include a Sky deck and Sky Bedroom on the upper level and a Sea Family Room and Sea Bedroom on the sea level.

The totally submerged level features an Underwater Ladies Room and Master Bedroom, A Coral Entertainment Room and a Coral Guest Bedroom. During the daytime all rooms can be used to serve various purposes and by night, they can be transformed into luxury sleeping accommodation.




The Heart of Europe – a truly magical place that’s destined to be one of the world’s most idyllic island escapes. Whatever you want to do, it’s literally all on your doorstep.

Find the world’s first outdoor climate controled areas to create refreshing rain and snow. Be spoilt for choice throughout the year with rich cultural and social activities, including some of Europe’s most gifted street performers, artists and musicians.

See the underwater museum, which will showcase Dubai’s heritage, or perhaps catch a show at the permanent circus.

The Heart of Europe, is truly the perfect setting to indulge to your heart’s content.

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