Portugal Europe-Residence permit for exercise subordinate professional activity.-Portugal Europe-Residence permit for exercise subordinate professional activity.-【移投策】

Portugal Europe-Residence permit for exercise subordinate professional activity.

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The most recent amendment to Law no. 23/2007, of July 4, with the amendments introduced by Law No. 59/2017 of July 31, which approves the legal regime for entry, stay, departure and removal of foreigners from the national territory, Namely the residence permit for the exercise of subordinate professional activity. This amendment facilitated the entry of foreigners into national territory wishing to engage in a subordinate professional activity, thereby dispensing with one of the requirements set out in art. A) of paragraph 1 of article 77 of said law, ie the "Possession of a valid residence visa, granted for one of the purposes provided in this law for the granting of a residence permit", provided that the foreign citizen, in addition to meeting The other general conditions set out in article 77, paragraph 1, a. A), fulfills the following conditions: A) Has a contract of employment or promise of employment contract or has a labor relationship proven by union, representative of migrant communities with seat in the Council for Migration or by the Authority for Conditions of Work; B) Has entered legally in national territory; C) Is enrolled in social security, except in cases where the document submitted under (a) is a promise of employment contract.

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