Sponsoring Yourself for U.S. Permanent Residency: The EB-1A Solution to the EB-5 Problem-Sponsoring Yourself for U.S. Permanent Residency: The EB-1A Solution to the EB-5 Problem-【移投策】

Sponsoring Yourself for U.S. Permanent Residency: The EB-1A Solution to the EB-5 Problem

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Your clients have succeeded in China and now want to explore business and investment opportunities abroad. The United States presents an excellent option, but to be confident of their ability to reliably enter the country, oversee their investments, and manage their businesses as they see fit, the clients need U.S. Permanent Residency. They need a green card. So, what is the best way for them to get one? In recent years the most common answer to that question has been the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa, but for many individuals the EB-1A for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Sciences, or Business may be superior.


The EB-5 Investor Visa may still be the optimal choice for some, but as things stand today this pathway is plagued by a number of inherent problems. First, it is slow. Depending on processing times Chinese petitioners can expect to wait at least 12-20 months before learning whether their petition has been approved and another 16-24 months, three years in total, before actually receiving a green card. Second, the green card EB-5 Investors receive is not truly permanent at the beginning, it is conditional. It is only valid for a two year period, after which the petitioner has to apply to remove the conditions by demonstrating the sustained maintenance of the investment and the sustained creation of at least 10 full time jobs for qualifying employees. If the government has any doubts it will simply extend the conditional permanent residency for another two years instead of removing the conditions and granting true permanent residency. Finally, the EB-5 is expensive and inflexible. It requires an investment of either $500,000 or $1,000,000 in a particular business and the business must be successfully maintained for at minimum two years.


As an alternative, the EB-1A presents an immigration solution to each of these problems for qualified individuals. Unlike the EB-5, EB-1A petitions are eligible to be filed with a request for premium processing. This means the client can know whether the petition has been approved in as little as 15 calendar days. Further, the EB-1 preference category rarely has a quota backlog. Once the client’s petition is approved the client and his family will almost immediately be eligible to receive permanent residency, either by processing through a U.S. consulate abroad or by adjusting status in the United States. Not only can the client receive U.S. permanent residency within 12-18 months of filing the EB-1A, that permanent residency is unconditional and utterly flexible. There is no minimum investment amount, no job creation requirement, no additional government reporting requirements, and the permanent residency is not tied to a particular venture. The client must initially be entering the United States to pursue an endeavor within his field of extraordinary ability, but where and how are entirely up to the client. An extraordinary real estate developer, for instance, must be coming to the U.S. to utilize his real estate development skills, but the developer is not committed to a single specific project, a minimum investment size, or a minimum investment duration.


The qualifications required to be approved in the EB-1A category are high, but not so high as to be out of reach for many clients who are considering EB-5. An accurate assessment of a client’s likelihood of being approved requires careful analysis by a U.S. Immigration attorney, but as agents the answer to a single question can be a strong indicator of whether the option should be explored: How does the client have enough money to consider making an EB-5 investment? If the answer is the client inherited the money or otherwise received it as a windfall then EB-5 may be the only option for U.S. permanent residency, but if the answer is the client made the money himself by being very good at what he does, then the EB-1A may be faster, easier, and better suited for the client’s goals.

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Rodney MalpertFragomen Worldwide律师事务所的高级合伙人,负责律所在美国西部的日常事务。他同时还在Arizona State University法学院教授商务移民法,在Southern Methodist University法学院教授综合移民法。Rod在商务移民的相关法律方面有丰富的经验,包括PERM劳工证书,国家利益豁免,EB1杰出人才,企业重组,雇佣前程序/歧视,游说和法律分析等。在加入Fragomen之前,Rod是德州仪器的资深律师,在那里他管理全球移民事务。  Rod还是两本教科书的作者:《商业移民法:雇用外国人的战略》和 《商业移民法:表格和申请》。他多年来一直担任美国移民律师协会(AILA)年会会议的编辑。 Rod是各种组织的发言人和组织者,包括人力资源管理协会(SHRM),全球移民委员会(CFGI)和一些贸易团体。他被列入在2010-2015Who’s Who Legal – The International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers

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JentryFragomen Worldwide律师事务所硅谷的律师。他的工作涉及寻找创造性的解决方案,以满足各种客户的移民需求。他的专长在国家利益豁免(NIW)和EB-1A非凡能力永久居留申请以及O-1非移民签证申请。他的经验包括案件处理的每一步,从案件起诉到提交申请和回应证据请求(RFE)。他的客户包括大型公司在技术,化学和工程领域。



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